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There are many different liability risks faced by the owners and managers of hotels and other hospitality businesses. Having sufficient hotel liability insurance is vital to keeping your business financially healthy.


Some of the many different types of liability coverage that are available with hotel insurance policies are:

  • General Liability: This will protect your business from injuries or property damage sustained by guests while on your hotel’s property.

  • Workers Compensation: If an employee’s injured on the job, your business is required to cover any resulting medical expenses. Every state has its own workers compensation requirements, but your hotel business insurance can include this coverage to help meet your state’s laws.

  • Business  Auto Liability: Many hotels have limo or shuttle service available to cart people around town or to and from the airport. If your hotel owns these vehicles, you’ll want to be sure you have liability coverage for your guests.

  • Foodborne Illness Liability: Many hotels include a restaurant and room service. If the food you serve is contaminated with E. coli, salmonella, or any other foodborne illness and a guest gets sick, this coverage will help protect you from any resulting liability costs.

  • Liquor Liability: If your hotel includes a bar or offers alcoholic beverages through room service, you’ll need liquor liability insurance. It protects you if a guest becomes intoxicated due to your negligent service of alcohol and causes property damage or bodily harm to themselves or others.

  • Premises Pollution Liability: If your hotel becomes contaminated by mold or other airborne pollutants that can sicken guests, you may face liability charges. This insurance will help provide coverage for ensuing medical bills, punitive fees, and cleanup costs.

  • Cyber Liability: If your computer and data management system is breached, it can give cyber criminals access to your guests' personal information, including names, addresses, and credit card numbers. If this happens, you could be responsible for providing all affected guests with credit protection services and could face harsh penalties. Cyber liability insurance provides protection from internet-related losses.

  • Employment Practices Liability: This insurance protects you from losses associated with lawsuits brought against your business by employees alleging harassment or discrimination.

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